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Ultrasound Regenerative Treatments – Glastonbury, CT

Healing with the Power of Sound

Doctor treating patient's knee

In the field of regenerative medicine, ultrasound treatment has a wide variety of applications when it comes to both diagnosing and treating ligament, tendon, and muscular injuries. Soundwaves beyond the scope of human hearing allow our doctors to find and identify the exact source of an injury as well as direct therapy to the specific area with extreme precision. Ultrasound regenerative treatments in Glastonbury, CT can help break up scar tissue, increase range of motion, and relieve chronic pain in almost every area of the body.

Why Choose New England Stem Cell Institute for Ultrasound Regenerative Treatments?

Therapeutic Home Ultrasound Treatment

Doctor capturing ultrasound of patient's throat

The New England Stem Cell Institute can enable patients to treat themselves with ultrasound therapy whenever and wherever they want using a small, portable device. This approach allows a patient to receive much more treatment, achieve results faster, and save time by not having to make multiple office visits.

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Diagnostic Musculoskeletal Ultrasound

Doctor examining patient's knee cap

You might be familiar with ultrasound being used to view a baby inside a mother’s womb, but the same technology can also help our doctors identify which muscles, ligaments, or tendons are causing a patient problems. In a matter of minutes, we can quickly and accurately identify the source of a patient’s injury so we know exactly where to direct treatment.

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Ultrasound-Guided Injections

Doctor administering injecting in patient's knee

Many physicians, when providing injections to treat injuries, do so completely “blind” without any kind of direction, causing as many as 50% to miss their intended target! Using ultrasound technology, our team is able to receive live guidance during an injection, so we can make sure the PRP, prolotherapy, or stem cells are going exactly where they are needed, dramatically increasing the chance of a successful treatment.

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