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Osteoarthritis Symptoms—Glastonbury, CT

Are You Dealing with Osteoarthritis & Don’t Know It?

male runner experiencing osteoarthritis symptoms in their knee

Millions of Americans wake up with aches and pains in their joints, and most choose to simply ignore them because they think, “It probably isn’t a big deal,” and, “The doctor is just going to prescribe me pain medicine like the last one.” While a lot of joint issues can resolve themselves, ignoring osteoarthritis can eventually cause a joint to become non-functional and require replacement. If any of the following osteoarthritis symptoms sound familiar, be sure to contact Dr. Paul Tortland at the New England Stem Cell Institute today. As a regenerative medicine specialist, he can help patients treat the root of their joint pain rather than just manage the symptoms to improve their comfort and mobility for years to come.

Common Osteoarthritis Symptoms

older woman experiencing pain in hand

Osteoarthritis can affect any joint in the body, but it most often develops in the knees, hips, hands, and spine. Typically, symptoms develop slowly and worsen over time. They include:


Persistent pain that can be felt while the joint is moving or is at rest.


A reduced range of motion with the joint, most prominently after being inactive for a long period of time (like when you wake up in the morning).


Any pressure or touch creates pain in the joint.

Popping & Clicking

Moving the joint consistently causes a grating sensation and/or popping and clicking sounds.

Bone Spurs

Hard lumps can develop around the joint, which are extra bits of bone that have been sheared off.


The joint may be noticeably larger because of soft tissue inflammation.

What You Should Do Next

knee being injected by a doctor

If you’re experiencing one or more of these symptoms, then your next call should definitely be the New England Stem Cell Institute. Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease, and delaying care may allow the joint to further break down and become less responsive to treatment.

Using regenerative medicine techniques like stem cell therapy, PRP therapy, and prolotherapy/Prolozone, Dr. Tortland can greatly reduce pain and increase mobility in an affected joint to improve someone’s quality of life. While there is currently no treatment available that can reverse the cartilage loss associated with osteoarthritis, Dr. Tortland can help patients drastically slow down the process and preserve/expand their joint function with non-invasive treatments. 

To learn more about your options and get lasting relief from these symptoms, contact the New England Stem Cell Institute today. Without surgery or powerful drugs, we can help you get your health back on track so you can live your life unencumbered by arthritis.

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