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Treating Chronic Pain & Injuries
with Regenerative Medicine

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Let’s Get You Back on Track.

Whether you’ve been subjected to a sudden sports injury or have struggled with chronic pain for years without relief, regenerative medicine can help you regain your quality of life in transformative, long-lasting ways. New England Stem Cell Institute is a national leader and true pioneer in stem cell-based treatments, and we will work with you closely to determine the ideal treatment plan for your unique circumstances.

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Dr. Tortland
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Meet Dr. Paul Tortland

Board-Certified Expertise
in Regenerative
& Sports Medicine

Dr. Tortland was the first physician in all of New England (and among the first in the United States) to perform stem cell-based treatments back in 2007 and 2008. He was also the first physician in the world to receive certification in Regenerative Medicine from the American Academy and Board of Regenerative Medicine. He offers an exceptional level of time-tested skill and experience that can only be found in a few choice practices throughout the country.

Meet Dr. Tortland
Dr. Tortland playing guitar with one of his children
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Meet Dr. Paul Tortland

Devoted Husband
and Dedicated Father

When Dr. Tortland is not busy in the office, he prioritizes his quality time with his family at every opportunity. In fact, he has three children! Keeping up with a spouse and kids is almost a full-time job on its own, and it can be made much more difficult when a patient is facing the negative impact of a musculoskeletal injury or painful tissue degeneration. Dr. Tortland understands these struggles well, and wants to help you be fully present for your loved ones again in the way they (and you) deserve.

Meet Dr. Tortland
Dr. Tortland leading an education session
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Meet Dr. Paul Tortland

Teacher, Speaker, Author
and Thought-Leader

In addition to working directly with patients at New England Stem Cell Institute, Dr. Tortland is also a true leading voice in the country for regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy. He has authored several celebrated E-books on the subject and is a highly requested speaker/teacher, regularly appearing at medical conferences, training courses, and other events throughout the country. He has served as a team physician for several prominent sports organizations, including the US Figure Skating Team.

Meet Dr. Tortland

Frequently Asked Questions About Stem Cell Therapy

Where do the stem cells you use come from?

All of our stem cells come from YOU - your own fat reserves or bone marrow. This is to ensure there is no risk of an allergic reaction and ensure maximum healing. The cells are obtained using minimally invasive and minimally uncomfortable procedures right here in our office using cutting-edge technology, and then we perform the stem cell procedure immediately the SAME day.

Do you ever use embryonic stem cells?

Never . Embryonic stem cells have not been shown to provide any better healing than stem cells from your own body. We all have stem cells in our body, and using cells that are already natural to you is always preferable.

Can stem cells come from the umbilical cord?

NO. Any practice claiming to use "umbilical cord stem cells" is fraudulent. While products derived from amniotic fluid, placenta tissue, and umbilical cord blood have some therapeutic value in select situations, NONE of these products contains ANY live or viable stem cells. None. Period. These are NOT "stem cell" products, and clinics that are promoting the use of amnion, placenta, or cord blood as "stem cell" treatments are committing fraud.

What makes your practice different from all the other clinics?

We were the first practice in New England, and among the first in the whole country, to begin performing treatments for painful orthopedic, musculoskeletal, and neurological conditions using stem cells. No one in the region has more skill, experience, or expertise than we do. You can trust us for the most honest, the most reliable, and the most effective treatments. We were also among the first practices in the country to become a signatory to The OrthoBiologics Ethics Consortium, a multi-disciplinary group of health care providers committed to promoting ethical research, marketing, and clinical use of orthobiologics such as stem cells and PRP.

Regenerative Medicine Patient Testimonials

“I've been coming to Dr. Paul Tortland for over 15 years and have nothing but exceptional comments for his medical skills. Paul spends the time necessary to fully explain each procedure and uses ultrasound to ensure injections and procedures are accurate. He does everything possible to help you avoid surgery. My knee monovisc injections have delayed knee replacement surgery by ten years and my trigger release procedures have eliminated the need for surgery altogether! My wife has had Stem cell treatment to her shoulder which prevented shoulder surgery for a torn rotator cuff.”

Steve M., Hartford, CT

“Dr. Tortland explained the treatment with great care, and I understood exactly what the procedure entailed. Best of all, I am fortunate to have even better results than he anticipated. Before treatment, I needed to use two hands to help me bring one leg up a stair. Now, I have no difficulty! In June I was able to walk 2100 steps in one day. The stem cell treatment has given me my life back.“

Roberta M., Glastonbury, CT

“These doctors are excellent. I have been going to Dr. Tortland and his associate Dr. LaVallee for about 4 years now. I ruptured my ACL over 30 years ago and it wasn't repaired due to complications. Over the years my cartilage has worn and is mostly gone now. My orthopedic surgeon wanted to replace my knee. Not wanting the surgery yet, I started going to Dr. Tortland. With his guided injections, I am nearly pain free and ski every weekend in the winters. I also have injections in most of my other joints and all my joints have improved. This group has done wonders in reversing my aging joints and more.”

Tom G., Wethersfield, CT
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