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Cosmetic Regenerative Treatments – Glastonbury, CT

Look Younger without Surgery

Woman looking at face in mirror

Many people would love to improve their appearance by getting rid of wrinkles or reversing their hair loss, but they aren’t willing to go under the knife to do it. The only other alternative seems to be an endless variety of “miracle” creams that are dubious at best. Using cosmetic regenerative treatments in Glastonbury, CT at the New England Stem Cell Institute, we’re able to use a patient’s own body to reverse the common signs of aging and drastically boost their confidence, all without scalpels or sutures!

Why Choose New England Stem Cell Institute for Cosmetic Regenerative Treatments?

Vampire Hair Restoration®

Man with full hair line

Hair loss can be devastating for both a person’s appearance as well as their self-confidence. 40% of women will experience hair loss by age 40, and 85% of men will by age 50. While hair replacement surgery is available, for patients looking for a less invasive solution, we offer Vampire Hair Restoration. This treatment combines elements from your own blood and a vitamin mixture to kick start your body’s natural ability to grow hair and keep it!

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Vampire Facial®

Woman looking at face in mirror

Noticing more wrinkles in the mirror lately? Would you love for them to disappear? If you want something less invasive than a facelift but more effective than a cream, we have the Vampire Facial. This revolutionary aesthetic treatment uses platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and collagen to help your skin renew itself so it looks younger, healthier, and smoother.

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Alma Ted®

Woman looking at face in mirror

If you are struggling with thinning hair, you might be a candidate for treatment with the revolutionary Alma Ted device. It employs acoustic sound waves to encourage improved blood flow to the scalp, resulting in healthier, thicker, and more abundant hair. You may notice results within just a couple weeks of your first treatment, though optimum hair growth usually occurs after three sessions. Alma Ted treatment is pain-free and completely noninvasive.

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