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How Safe Is Nerve Hydrodissection?

November 25, 2023

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Doctor using ultrasound to examine patient’s wrist

Are you experiencing pain, numbness, or lack of ability to move a certain limb? It is possible that you have an entrapped nerve, also called a pinched nerve. Without treatment, this condition can cause long-term problems. It might even lead to permanent nerve damage. What can you do to find relief? Consult with an orthopedic doctor. After an examination, they might recommend that you undergo a procedure known as nerve hydrodissection. What is nerve hydrodissection, and is it safe? This blog post explains what you should know.

What Is Nerve Hydrodissection?

Nerve entrapment occurs when the surrounding soft tissues place pressure on a nerve, causing it to send pain signals and other unpleasant sensations throughout the surrounding areas. The goal of nerve hydrodissection is to relieve pressure on the nerve so it can function normally again.

To accomplish that, a doctor uses musculoskeletal ultrasound technology to examine the nerve and surrounding structures. Then, they inject a fluid into the area around the nerve (not into the nerve itself) in order to create a cushion between it and nearby tissues. Once the pressure is taken off the nerve, most patients notice an immediate improvement in their symptoms.

Is Nerve Hydrodissection Safe?

To put it simply, yes, nerve hydrodissection is safe. Most patients have absolutely no unpleasant side effects, and it is common for them to be able to return to their normal routine within a day of their appointment. The biggest risk (which is quite small) is the possibility that swelling and infection could occur at the site of the injection.

Also, keep in mind that another way to address nerve entrapment is via surgery, which inherently carries a higher level of risk than more conservative options. It is always safest to choose the least invasive treatment whenever the situation allows for it.

What to Expect with Nerve Hydrodissection

The nerve hydrodissection process is simple and quick. First, your doctor should confirm that you are a good candidate for the procedure. Then, with the help of ultrasound, your injection will be administered. Usually, the nerve hydrodissection process uses an IV fluid that has a small amount of dextrose (a type of sugar). The sugar can cause slight irritation, which is a good thing because it can encourage your body to send healing and growth factors to the injection site.

The injections cause minimal discomfort, and you are likely to notice fast relief from your entrapped nerve symptoms.

Nerve hydrodissection is an effective and safe treatment! Talk to your orthopedic doctor to learn more about it.

Meet the Practice

Dr. Paul Tortland is an experienced Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine who specializes in providing regenerative medicine, non-surgical orthopedics, and other treatments. If you are struggling with an entrapped nerve, our team can use our advanced ultrasound skills to find the source of the problem and provide appropriate treatment. To learn more about how we may be able to serve you, contact our Glastonbury office at 860-430-2821.

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