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Symptoms of Neck Pain—Glastonbury, CT

Not All Neck Pain is the Same

man experiencing neck pain at computer

Just like every person is different, the way people experience neck pain is always unique as well. For some, it’s a minor ache they occasionally feel, and for others, it’s a constant problem that prohibits them from living their daily life. Understanding the nature of your neck pain can let you know when you need to seek out treatment and enable you to describe it accurately to your doctor so they can recommend the right type of care. If any of the symptoms below sound familiar, don’t ignore it, because this could lead to much more serious issues in the future.

The Common Signs & Symptoms of Neck Pain

woman with neck pain on couch

The Onset of Neck Pain Symptoms

woman wearing backpack experiencing neck pain

Because neck pain can stem from a wide variety of sources (injury, nerve problems, arthritis, etc.), it may start to manifest in different ways as well. Symptoms can develop slowly over time and become worse each passing day or week. Or, neck pain might begin suddenly right after an injury, such as a car accident. However, it can also be a delayed reaction to an injury, starting hours or days after an incident. And, unfortunately, it can sometimes appear without any prior signs.

What to Do if You Notice Any of These Symptoms

woman getting treatment for neck pain

If you occasionally experience a stiff neck, this is no reason to rush to a doctor. Try sleeping in a different position or noticing how you hold your head while you sit at your desk—a lot of neck pain stems from the muscles just being tired due to poor posture.

However, if your neck pain is severe enough that it prevents you from engaging in normal activities or spending time with friends and family, or if it’s accompanied by arm, hand, or wrist problems that could indicate nerve damage, then you should come to see us right away. Our team can identify the root cause of your neck pain using diagnostic ultrasound, and then, with a combination of tried and true methods and state-of-the-art regenerative medicine, we can put a stop to your pain and ensure it stays gone.

If you’re ready to get to the bottom of your neck pain and learn how the New England Stem Cell Institute can help you get rid of it for good, contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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