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Symptoms of Back Pain—Glastonbury, CT

Not All Back Pain is the Same

man sitting while experiencing back pain

Last year, more than 65 million Americans reported experiencing some type of back pain (often low back pain), causing people to miss countless hours of work and spend millions of dollars on treatment. While the phrase “back pain” might seem to tell you everything you need to know about the symptoms of the condition, it’s actually quite different from person to person. Not all back pain is the same, and by gaining a better understanding of your specific symptoms, you can take one step closer to finding a long-term solution. 

The Common Symptoms of Back Pain

woman taking a break from running due to back pain

Muscle Ache

This is a dull, persistent pain that seems to always be there. It is often worse in the morning or after sitting for multiple hours. It may also develop after a certain activity, though the pain doesn’t occur during said activity.

Short, Intense Pain

Instead of being constant, this pain comes and goes very quickly in vicious stabs. It may occur seemingly randomly or be associated with a specific motion or activity. The most confusing part is that someone likely feels completely normal between episodes.

Pain that Radiates Down the Leg

This type of pain usually starts in the lower back and is felt in the buttocks and down into the hamstring or even calf of the leg. The affected area may shrink or grow over time. It may be a constant pain or manifest as a short, burning sensation. In many cases, it only occurs after sitting or standing for an extended period of time or while transitioning between the two. This usually indicates some type of nerve entrapment, with a prime example being sciatica.

Pain that Worsens During Activity

A person may only experience back pain while bending, lifting, standing, sitting, twisting, or walking. The pain may develop immediately when the activity begins, or it may start to creep up as it is repeated again and again.

What Your Back Pain Symptoms Tell Us

man experiencing back pain while standing

One of the most confounding things about back pain is that it can have so many causes—a bulging disc, vertebrae problems, muscle injury, a trapped nerve...the list goes on. But, each cause tends to manifest as a certain set of symptoms, so by better understanding your particular pain, we can begin to narrow down what is causing the problem. This can lead us in the direction of the appropriate treatment, whether it involves something as simple as rest and medication or a more advanced approach like PRP, prolotherapy, or stem cell therapy.

Our primary goal with back pain patients is to provide lasting relief while also restoring full function, all the while enabling a patient to avoid invasive surgery or needing to take strong medication. We frequently employ diagnostic ultrasound, which allows us to clearly see the soft and hard tissues of the back and apply pain-relieving treatments in specific areas so we can narrow down what is causing a patient’s issues. Eventually, we’re able to pinpoint the culprit and treat it directly.

The Relief You Need is Waiting for You

man getting injection from doctor to relieve back pain

If you experience back pain multiple times a week, and it has forced you to miss work, time with family, or participating in hobbies, you should definitely seek out professional treatment. The New England Stem Cell Institute has helped countless patients finally overcome their chronic back pain using our regenerative medicine techniques, and we invite you to begin the road to recovery by giving us a call today.

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