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If you’re unhappy with the tone and texture of your skin, Paul Tortland, DO, and Jeffrey LaVallee, MD, at New England Stem Cell Institute can restore your youthful look and improve the appearance of your skin with the Vampire Facial®, a revolutionary aesthetic treatment that uses platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and microneedling to speed up cell replacement. To schedule a consultation to learn more about the Vampire Facial, call the office in Glastonbury, Connecticut, today or request an appointment online.

Vampire Facial Q & A



What is a Vampire Facial®?

The Vampire® Facial is an innovative aesthetic treatment that uses your body’s own natural healing powers to revitalize and rejuvenate your look. The facial combines microneedling with PRP.

Microneedling is often called collagen induction therapy. Collagen is the protein in your skin that provides strength, support, and elasticity. By creating microscopic tears in the surface of your skin, microneedling stimulates your body’s repair process, which includes the creation of new, healthier skin. 

PRP is a blood product the team at New England Stem Cell Institutes creates from a sample of your own blood.  It contains a high concentration of platelets, growth factors, and specialized cells. When applied to your skin, the healing properties in the PRP accelerate the regenerative process created by the microneedling. 

What beauty problems benefit from a Vampire Facial®? 

The team at New England Stem Cell Institute recommend the Vampire Facial to improve many common beauty problems. You might want to consider the innovative treatment to:

  •   Improve dull, gray skin tone
  •   Diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles
  •   Reduce or eliminate sun damage
  •   Reduce sagging or crepe-like skin

The Vampire Facial® can also lessen the appearance of acne and other facial scars. 

What can I expect during a Vampire Facial®? 

The team at New England Stem Cell Institute performs your Vampire Facial® right in the office. The team first draws a sample of blood from your arm and spins it in a centrifuge to create the PRP. To decrease your discomfort, the team applies a numbing cream to your face.

The team then applies a hyaluronic acid gel to the skin and uses microneedling to drive the gel into the skin.  The hyaluronic acid helps build and support collagen fibers in and under the skin. Next, the PRP is applied, and again microneedling is used to help the growth factors get into the skin to begin the rejuvenation process.  

You might notice some skin redness after your facial, but these side effects should disappear quickly. To protect your skin as it heals, the team at the New England Stem Cell Institute recommends you apply sunblock daily. 

How many treatments are needed? 

Three treatments are given, each spaced about 6 weeks apart.

You should start to notice an improvement in the look and tone of your skin within 1-2 months and the results could last as long as two years. 

Not all PRP facials are Vampire® Facials! 

The Vampire Facial® is a trademarked name and procedure, invented by Dr. Charles Runnels.  Only providers formally trained by Dr. Runnels or by one of his certified trainers can perform the actual Vampire Facial®.  Dr. Tortland is a certified Vampire Facial® provider.

To learn more about the Vampire Facial®, call the New England Stem Cell Institute or request an appointment online today.