Therapeutic Home Ultrasound Treatment


If you suffer from an acute sports injury, or from chronic musculoskeletal pain due to a ligament, tendon or muscle injury such as a sprain, strain or tendinitis, therapeutic ultrasound might be able to help relieve the pain and stimulate natural healing – painlessly and non-invasively.   


What is a therapeutic ultrasound? 

Ultrasound is sound waves in frequencies that are above the ability of the human ear to hear.  There are two main types of ultrasound used in medicine: diagnostic and therapeutic.   

Diagnostic ultrasound is used to see tissues and structures beneath the skin to look for injury or structural abnormalities.  Diagnostic ultrasound is also routinely used in obstetrics to evaluate the growing baby while still inside the womb. A diagnostic ultrasound test is commonly known as a “sonogram.” 

Therapeutic ultrasound, on the other hand, is used to help treat the injury, reduce or alleviate pain, and improve range of motion and function.  Therapeutic ultrasound is commonly performed in physical therapy to treat an injury or after joint surgery. 

Some of the limitations of therapeutic ultrasound when performed by physical therapists, however, are:  1) you get the treatment only when seeing the therapist, typically only once or twice a week; 2) the treatment by the therapist typically only lasts about 10 minutes each time—way too little time to have a meaningful effect on more chronic problems; 3) you are inconvenienced by having to go to the therapist’s office for each treatment. 

At the New England Stem Cell Institute, we have the ability to deliver therapeutic ultrasound for 4 or more hours a day, every day, in your home or work! 

The revolutionary sam® Sport therapeutic home ultrasound unit is an FDA-cleared device that you wear.  You apply one or two patches to the target area. The rechargeable ultrasound generator, which is smaller than a deck of cards, generates up to 4 hours of painless continuous pulsed ultrasound per charge.  The generator clips to your belt or slips in your pocket.

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