Partial Muscle Tears


If a muscle is completely torn then it needs to be repaired surgically. But what about partial tears?

Similar to sprains & strains, muscle injuries are graded on a scale of 1-3. A Grade 1 injury is an overstretching with possibly some microscopic tearing. At the other end of the spectrum a Grade 3 injury is a complete tear.

Grade 1 & 2 tears are treated initially with conservative treatments such as physical therapy, rest and activity modification. But when those methods fail to heal the injury more aggressive treatment is needed. This is where Regenerative Medicine treatments such as PRP and stem cell treatments enter the picture.

Regenerative medicine treatments are injections of your own healing cells and growth factors into the damaged area(s) to stimulate a natural healing response. For most muscle injuries 1-2 treatments are needed. We’ve been performing these treatments longer than anyone in New England, and longer in fact than most practices in the country.

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