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Sexual Dysfunction Therapy – Glastonbury, CT

Bedroom Solutions for Men & Women

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It’s very common for both genders to experience sexual problems as the years go by, whether it’s a decreased libido or a seeming inability to climax. Often, the root cause of these issues is physical, which means they can often be reversed with regenerative medicine. Sexual dysfunction therapy in Glastonbury, CT provided by the New England Stem Cell Institute can improve both pleasure and performance for our patients as well as their partners, all without having to rely on expensive pills, surgery, or time-consuming therapy.

Why Choose New England Stem Cell Institute for Sexual Dysfunction Therapy?

The O-Shot®

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Chronic vaginal dryness, clitoral insensitivity, and urinary incontinence are relatively common problems for women, and for a long time, modern-medicine wasn’t able to offer many solutions beyond hormone replacement, psycho-social therapy, or surgery. With the O-Shot, however, our team can help address the physical causes behind these issues to make them things of the past. It harnesses the healing power of a patient’s own blood to increase sensitivity, natural lubrication, and arousal. Follow the link to learn more about the benefits we didn’t list here!

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The P-Shot®

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The P-Shot can help address a wide array of male sexual problems with a simple, pain-free injection. Do you have trouble achieving or maintaining an erection? Does your penis not feel as sensitive as it used to? This treatment uses the power of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to increase blood flow and encourage the growth of new healthy tissue in the area, providing a drug-free way to help a man get his confidence back.

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