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Rotator Cuff Injury Symptoms—Glastonbury, CT

Afraid that you might have damaged your rotator cuff? A rotator cuff injury is an extremely common source of various shoulder problems, but it isn’t the only reason why someone might experience pain or stiffness in their joint. If your shoulder is bothering you, Dr. Paul Tortland at the New England Stem Cell Institute can help you determine what is causing your issues and then offer non-invasive treatments to solve them. If any of the following symptoms sound familiar, you might be dealing with a rotator cuff injury, so be sure to schedule an appointment with us today.

Constant, Dull Ache in the Shoulder

When you experience pain in your shoulder, is it an ache that’s around the entire day, or a sharp sensation that only occurs when you do a certain movement? Chronic discomfort often indicates that there is a problem in the rotator cuff, as the damaged tissues are struggling to stabilize the shoulder.

Lower Quality Sleep

If you’re a side sleeper, needless to say, a shoulder injury can definitely make getting the rest you need more difficult. This is particularly true when it comes to a rotator cuff issue, as the weight of your body on the joint can make the pain much worse and prevent you from going or staying asleep.

Reduced Range of Motion

People dealing with a rotator cuff injury often have difficulty combing their hair or reaching behind their back. Basically, any type of motion that requires the shoulder to stretch will likely make the pain increase.


Is your shoulder gradually getting weaker? Is it becoming more difficult to throw or pick up objects? An injured rotator cuff that is continuing to break down could be the reason because the tissues are unable to properly support the shoulder.

Why You Should Act Fast

Rotator cuff injuries tend to only become worse over time, especially if the shoulder is used frequently during someone’s job or while they play sports. Slowly but surely, all of the symptoms listed above will get worse without treatment, and eventually, the only solution may be surgery.

Thankfully, a lot can be done to help the rotator cuff heal and stop the associated pain way before this point. Dr. Tortland can use methods like prolotherapy, PRP therapy, or stem cell therapy to enable the rotator cuff muscles to quickly and naturally recover so a patient can get the relief they need without having to rely on medication or surgery.

The sooner you come to see him, the more options he’ll be able to offer. To learn more and schedule a consultation at the New England Stem Cell Institute so you can start getting the care you deserve right away, contact us today.

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