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Are you experiencing thinning hair?

Forty percent of women experience hair loss by age 40.  And 85% of men have visible hair loss by age 50. A healthy head of hair can be important, not only to your overall appearance but to your self-esteem.  Thinning hair can be devastating for women of any age. Depression is seen in 89% of women who experience hair loss. Hair loss can take an emotional toll.

Yet not everyone wants—or can afford—hair replacement surgery.

The Vampire Hair® Treatment may be the answer!  

What is the Vampire Hair® Treatment?

The Vampire Hair® Treatment takes advantage of your body’s natural healing and tissue building abilities by using PRP (Platelet-rich Plasma).  Platelets are special cells in the blood that contain a host of crucial growth factors and healing proteins that can stimulate growth. 

How is the procedure done?

We first apply a special numbing cream to the scalp.  While the numbing cream is taking effect, we draw your blood (just like having a routine blood test).  While you wait, we process your blood in our on-site laboratory to extract and concentrate the platelets to make the PRP.  Once the PRP is ready we then do some special nerve blocks around the scalp to numb the target area(s) even more thoroughly.  Once you’re numb we then inject a special mixture of vitamins under the scalp. The vitamins help supply nutrients for the new hair.  Finally, we inject the PRP under the skin in the scalp where we want to stimulate new hair growth.

Our approach is different from other providers! 

There is an increasing number of practices and clinics offering the Vampire Hair® Treatment procedure.  But they're not all alike! First, we've been doing PRP since 2007--the very first in New England and longer than most practices in the country.  Few practices have our level of skill and experience.  

Second, our PRP is different, markedly better.  Most practices make PRP using a one-size-fits-all commercial PRP system.  This results in a generic PRP. At the New England Stem Cell Institute, we pioneered a method for making our own PRP that has a MUCH higher platelet concentration than commercially prepared PRP.  The result is the delivery of more growth factors.  

Finally, we add additional special growth factors derived from cultured umbilical cord stem cells.  It's like a supercharged treatment for your hair!

How many treatments are needed?

Three treatments are given, each spaced six weeks apart. 

How long before I can see results?

You need to be patient. It takes a LONG time for hair to regrow. It can be up to six months, even up to a year.    

How long do the effects last? 

Most patients require a single PRP booster injection (not the entire series of 3 treatments) every 1-2 years or so, depending on individual response. 

Who is NOT a candidate for the Vampire Hair® Treatment?

If you have been completely bald in a given area for 3 years or more, then the treatment will not work. There needs to be at least some active hair follicles that can be stimulated. So the sooner you start treatment as your hair thins the better your results will be.  Also, if your hormones, such as testosterone, DHT, and estrogen, are out of balance, then we will need to optimize these first. Finally, smokers do poorly with ANY Regenerative Medicine treatment. This is because smoking decreases the amount of blood and oxygen (and therefore the amount of nutrients) delivered to the skin and underlying tissues, and also cigarettes introduce a host of toxins and poisons into the body that adversely affects healing.

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