Prolozone is a modification of Prolotherapy. It was pioneered in the 1990's by Dr. Frank Shallenberger, a physician in Nevada. Prolozone treatments consist of first injecting a modified Prolotherapy solution into the damaged structure(s), and then following that immediately by injecting a mixture of oxygen and ozone gas.

The Prolozone solution is created by taking the basic Prolotherapy solution and adding some B vitamins and other homeopathic ingredients to help support cell nutrition and function. The oxygen and ozone gas also helps improve cell function. Cells need oxygen to work properly. And the ozone helps improve cellular oxygen use.

Like Prolotherapy, Prolozone treatments are given every few weeks. But fewer treatments typically are needed. Conditions that can be treated with Prolozone include, Rotator Cuff injuries, Tennis & Golfer’s Elbow, chronic sprains & strains, chronic neck and back pain, and joint arthritis.

At the New England Stem Cell Institute we’ve been doing Prolozone treatments since 2014. In fact, we were the first practice in New England to begin offering Prolozone.

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