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In the last few years a number of exciting new orthobiologic products have been introduced in the world of Regenerative Medicine. These include products derived from human placenta, amniotic fluid, and umbilical cord blood (UCB).

Under careful and controlled conditions, these products are all obtained from healthy volunteers—women with normal healthy pregnancies who donate their placentas, amniotic fluid, or UCB at the time of delivery. The various companies then process the tissue to extract the desired growth factors. The tissues are carefully processed and then sterilized to eliminate the risk of infection.

Contrary to the claims of some of the manufacturers and some of the clinics who use these products, these are NOT “stem cell” products and they do NOT contain ANY viable stem cells! Period. No matter what a physician or company rep may say. Nonetheless they can have tremendous healing benefits in Regenerative Medicine applications when used appropriately.

One advantage of these products is that they’re “off the shelf.” This means that we buy them from the manufacturer and they ship them to us. We then take them “off the shelf,” put them in a syringe, and inject them. There’s no need for a more invasive bone marrow harvest or liposuction procedure to obtain your stem cells.

At the New England Stem Cell Institute we use some of these products, either by themselves or in combination with PRP or stem cells, depending on needs of the patient and the injury or condition that we’re treating.

To learn more about our use of placenta, amniotic, and umbilical cord blood products click HERE for our free e-book on Regenerative Medicine.

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