ACL & PCL Tears


​The ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) is a key structural ligament inside the knee joint that provides stability, particularly when the knee is rotating or pivoting. It’s most commonly injured during sports. The PCL (posterior cruciate ligament) is another important stabilizing ligament inside the knee. But it’s much less commonly injured than the ACL.

Symptoms of ACL injury typically include a sense of knee instability, particularly with rotary or pivoting movements. Activities such as basketball, tennis & racquetball, football, soccer, gymnastics, etc., that involve a lot of high force stop-start and pivoting movements become challenging, if not impossible with an ACL tear. However, some ACL tears cause no symptoms at all, and certain patients can function quite well without ever having their ACL treated.

Treatment of ACL tears depends on the nature of the tear. The ACL an PCL can tear completely or partly. Complete ACL tears that cause mechanical symptoms need surgical reconstruction. But partial ACL & PCL tears most often can be treated non-surgically with Regenerative Medicine treatments such as PRP and stem cells. At the New England Stem Cell Institute we inject the ACL/PCL under fluoroscopic (x-ray) guidance to insure accuracy, something the vast majority of practices don’t do. We inject a very small amount of dye into the damaged ligament under x-ray guidance to make sure that the needle is actually IN the ligament, and then we perform the actual PRP or stem cell injection. This is the only way to confirm proper needle placement.

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